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About that new album...

Believe it or not, the new BC release, 'Spandrels' is tentatively scheduled to drop sometime in 2016! It will be released on blue vinyl (which will come with a complimentary CD copy) and digital download only! If you have iTunes or accounts on other download services, you can always get it there.

I know it is said on every release... but this release is like no other BC release!  How different is it?  Let's just say that this one is going to....Folk some minds up!

BTW, by folk, we mean English folk.  So, if you're thinking unusual instrument tunings and modal melodies, you're on the right track.  Also, lots of atmosphere to compliment the earthiness. Intrigued?  Stay tuned, as there should be some teaser tracks released shortly.

Are You Getting On?

Aygo final

AYGO Sampler!

AYGO? - Reviews!

AYGO Reviews Coming in from Around the Globe !
Slowly but surely the word is spreading...

From one of the many Progzines:
“Are You Getting On?” is a wet dream for the audiophile whose eardrums
have been shredded and violated by the advent of the digital record industry and the misuse of louder-is-better
digital compression...superb vocal harmonies, and flawless production. What more can you ask for! "
'' - Read the entire review!

Major love from down undah! 
"Blue Cartoon.. "pushing the power pop envelope and 'progressing' into something relevant and wondrous" 
9 out of 10 rating!
'Glory Daze Music' - Read the entire review!

"Blue Cartoon has been coyly issuing little ribbon-wrapped confections from Austin, Texas for fifteen years now.
Each new chocolate box is devoured greedily by a cult of sugar-starved power-pop junkies..." Full Review
- Peter Kurtz, Jammagazineonline

BC on the Air

Requests for AYGO? have gone global.  Scotland, Germany, France Spain, Italy, Switzerland, as well as the good ole' US.  The BC signal is spanning the globe, by the looks of the map above.  We are compiling a list of stations for a later release. 

Can't wait?  Several new tracks, and cuts from the other 4 releases are on
JANGO.  Sign up and feel free to 'Fan'!

BC in/on PROG Magazine!
" The golden age of rock has been revived and revitalised." - PROG 2013

The track, "Light Ages" shipped with the April edition of PROG magazine! This magnificent edition features
Rush, Marillion, Rodger Hodgson (Supertramp), Miles Davis, Flaming Lips, Spock's Beard and much more!
Also, look very closely in the upper right corner!